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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, new video tonight of smoke pouring from an upscale house in d.c. four bodies found inside. their deaths are suspicious. the investigation is now focused on an abandoned car. speeding into the turn. new information in the amtrak
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derailment that killed eight people and a deeper look at the technology that might have stopped it. and a 12-year-old attacked in her apartment building. we've got the video police are hoping will lead to an arrest. first tonight a grim discovery inside this burning home. in the shadow of the national cathedral in northwest d.c. >> four people including a child, found dead inside. police say there is no question the circumstances here are suspicious. >> tonight police are trying to find out more about a luxury sports car seen at the house this morning. we begin our team coverage with news 4's jackie benson who just spoke to a woman who says she was supposed to be in that house today. jackie? >> reporter: well doreen this conversation was chilling. now, this woman who didn't want her face on camera tells me she comes to this house every thursday to help out her friend who is a house keeper a woman
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who is believed to be abeing mo the deceased now. she says she got a text this morning that she believes saved her life. >> she sent me a text message this morning around 10:00, and she say that i want to -- i want to make sure that you're not coming today and come on monday or any other day, but don't come today. >> and meanwhile d.c. police still on the scene here investigating what appears to be a quadruple homicide. woodland drive northwest is home to a number of prominent washingtonians and some members of the diplomatic corps. for most of the day it was blocked off with crime scene tape filled with homicide detectives crime scene investigators and officers from the u.s. secret service and later staff from the d.c. medical examiner's office. d.c. police chief says fire fighters who responded to the home around 1:30 p.m. quickly
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realized this was no ordinary house fire. >> but right now no obvious signs of forced entry, although the nature and origin of the fire is very suspicious. >> neighbors say the property is home to a couple who have two older daughters away at school and a young son. sources tell news 4 the son was absent from school today. a man who sat for hours waiting for information from detectives told us a relative of his works at the house doing general cleaning and he has not been able to reach that person all day. chief lannier made an urgent request for information about a luxury sports car, porsche 911 last seen at the home around 10:30 this morning and found by police unoccupied late this afternoon. >> we don't where that car was between 10:30 this morning and when it was recovered within the last hour. >> reporter: after several hours neighbors helped bring the family's two dogs from the home. they were taken awaytified man. crime scene investigators are
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expected to remain on scene here throughout the night. back to you. >> thanks jackie. neighbors in that community say, of course they have never seen anything like that. darcy spencer now with more information about the family who lived in that house. darcy? >> reporter: well jim, we're live on woodland drive. you can see the street is still blocked off by police and crime scene tape. the house is just up street. i spoke to numerous neighbors today who say they are very concerned about what happened in this house but even more concerned about this family and today d.c. police handed out these fliers in the neighborhood for this arson investigation. this dramatic cell phone video shows the smoke and flames pouring from this multi-million dollar home on woodland drive in northwest d.c. a woman who works at the ambassador's residence down the street says the smoke burned her eyes. are you pretty shaken up about this? >> oh, yes, the fire the smoke,
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absolutely. it's terrible. >> reporter: neighbors and people who work in the embassies in this exclusive neighborhood were stunned as they learned four people died here. investigators say the fire was set. >> for this neighborhood a thing like that happening is just a complete surprise. >> i'm shocked and absolutely horrified. >> reporter: multiple neighbors tell news 4 that a couple living in this corner home valued at more than $4 million and they have three children. police are not saying if any of them were victims of the fire. young people came to the scene trying to get information. >> i'm out for my walk and this neighborhood is pretty quiet and tranquil and that's why i live here. >> reporter: one resident describe woodland drive as the best street in washington and among safest. i'm told neighbors pay for private security patrols. >> if you hear or see anything. >> reporter: and while there's concern about what happened hear many residents say this does not
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change what they feel about the neighborhood. do you feel nervous about what happened? >> no not at all, not at all. we feel very safe. >> reporter: st. albans is a school not too far from here. that school sent a letter, a notice out to parents at some point today letting them know that this tragedy had affected one of their families. they do plan to have counselors available tomorrow. doreen back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you. loved ones of dick and jody villardo will say their final good-byes as investigators continue to work on the unsolved murder. someone killed the couple at their rockville home on a relative discovered their bod which is they didn't show up for a family gathering. law enforcement told news 4 it was one of the most violent crime scenes in the county in recent years. answers to some major questions in the deadly amtrak derailment might come from the train's engineer.
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investigators are hoping to speak with brandon bostian in the coming days. he has turned over his cell phone and offered a blood sample but he's not yet given a statement to the investigators. cleanup at the scene will keep the trains from running between philadelphia and new york until tuesday at the earliest we're told and we learned today that in the minute before the crash that train quickly accelerated from 75 to over 105 miles an hour. >> and we have new information tonight that some life-saving technology was not being used during that amtrak crash. our sister station in philadelphia confirmed with amtrak tonight that a system called automated train control was not being used on the in tracks near the crash site. known as a.c.t. the system is rused on mass transit nationwide including metro. it's built into the tracks and senses when a train is going too fast and slows it down. >> systems are designed to be failsafe which means if
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something goes wrong it's supposed to stop the trains. >> we're going to want to interview the people who are responsible for making those decisions and we ultimately will make a -- make an evaluation as to whether or not that was sufficient risk management. >> we have confirmed that the atc system was being used in that section of track in that direction. that's different from positive train control that we told you about earlier this week a more sophisticated gps system that's not yet been installed in philadelphia. a man has been arrested after officials say he launched a drone outside the white house fence. this afternoon the secret service saw the drone flying over lafayette park. officers awarded the drone's operator to land it and then they took him into custody. it's not clear if the man wanted to fly that drone on to the white house grounds. leaders of several gulf nations are backing president obama's effort to reach a nuclear weapons deal with iran. the president hosted the leaders
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in a rare summit at camp david today. they agreed to work together to address threats from within and outside iran, and congress will now likely have a say in that final deal. the house passed a bill today that would allow lawmakers to review and potentially reject the deal. the president is expected to sign that bill. >> martin o'malley is middle east to be planning to run for the white house. we'll know his plans in about two weeks. former governor of maryland will announce his presidential intentions on may 30th in baltimore. o'malley has been considering challenging hillary clinton, and he's been securitying voters in new hampshire. he did that yesterday. if he does get in the race many analysts expect o'malley to be clinton's toughest contender for the democratic nomination. developing tonight in prince george's county police are searching for the man in this video who they say sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl. it happened yesterday morning in the hallway of the oak crest
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towers apartment complex in forestville. investigators say the girl was getting off the elevator when the suspect grabbed and assaulted her. if you recognize the man in this video please call police. prince georges county leaders are celebrating the first whole foods store. the grocery for is starting to take shape and will anchor a massive program including retail and homes. for years the surrounding community fought the project because of traffic concerns but officials argue the development will be an economic boon. still, no word on when the store is going to open. we turn to weather now. absolutely gorgeous day out there today. veronica do we have another one of these in store? >> yes, we do so we'll get three days at least in a row with temperatures in the 70s and then back to more of the hot sticky stuff for our area. let's take a look and see what's going on across the area. there we are today with our temperatures staying just below average and now for next couple of days we'll see temperatures
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going way up especially this upcoming weekend, and then by the end or mid-part of next week we'll start cooling off again. pedestrian forecast a nice start at 60 degrees and between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. a few clouds and high clouds will start moving into the area but by the time the kids get out of school the bus stop comfortable, dismissal. it's going to get a little sticky across the area but still a green light. we've got just a fine forecast. your future weather here as we take a look at the high clouds that will start moving into the area throughout the day tomorrow. any shower chances tomorrow in the mountains, a better chance of storms come the upcoming weekend with that higher humidity so here's a look at tomorrow. 72 at 1:00 and 77 by 3:00. upper 70s and higher temperatures and higher humidity. forecast for tomorrow, it will start to feel a little sticky. uncomfortable on saturday and oppressive on sunday and in just a couple of minutes your friday evening forecast and i'll take you hour by hour with the storms
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moving through. >> a personal struggle kept hidden. >> i didn't want to die. but i couldn't imagine how i could continue to live. >> jim vance reveals a side of himself most of his friends and colleagues have never seen. >> but there's always two mes, the one that would present himself to the public and on inside was the other one who was dying. >> next at 11:00, his private battle with depression and the night he first reached out for
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we've been partners for a long time work side by side for
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almost 26 years now, but what most people including me didn't know about jim vance is that he struggles in ways we don't see. we know about his public battle with addiction. that's old news but now he's revealing that he's been diagnosed with depression. tonight he's opening up about it for the first time in hopes that he can start changing minds about mental health. >> i took one of my shotguns and i drove out to great falls and -- and put my thumb on the trigger and -- and the barrel in my mouth, and i was really ready to go. i didn't want to die but i couldn't imagine how i could continue to live. >> jim vance says the thought of his three children's pain stopped him from pulling the trigger in 1997. he got to that point after a long painful struggle with drug addiction, but it was that incident, he says that finally
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led him to recovery. >> and i lay down in the wet, muddy grass and cried. oh my lord did i cry, and it was that night that i found myself walking into a place where i had been told i could find some help. >> but to know how vance got to that point, what he calls the darkest period of his life you have to know where vance started out. he grew up in ardmore, pennsylvania a suburb on philadelphia's mainline but his house was in a blue collar neighborhood. my people were plumbers he would tell you. young jimmy was spoiled by a big family that included grandparents aunts, uncles and cousins. he enjoyed school and excelled at academics and sports but he was left scarred by the death of his father an alcoholic who died from cirrhosis of the live
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when he was just 9 years old. soon after his mother took off and left vance in the care of his grandparents. >> let's put it this way. i've been depressed since i was born. for a long period of time i really considered myself a mistake. >> what do you mean you considered yourself a mistake in. >> my self-esteem has always been so incredibly low that for a long period of time i thought that my existence on this earth was an aberration that i was a mistake. >> as vance grew up and continued to find success as a news reporter and then anchor he says that low self-esteem continued to weigh heavily on him, pulling him down no matter how much he achieved. >> i can remember standing at a podium where 1,200 people were
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on their feet and going like this and feeling like a piece of crap just feeling awful, and i'm smiling and i'm thanking everybody and i'm doing all the normal things that you're supposed to do and inside i was just dying. i mean that's when i was most dangerous is when people were celebrating me because my feeling was deep inside if you only knew what a total loser i am. >> it puts extra pressure on you, i think, that people expect you know how could you have a self-esteem problem, you're on top of the world. >> got everything. how could that be? >> how could you possibly have an issue like that? >> that was me look in the dictionary the definition is vance because, you know god's grace and hard work life was good but there's always two me mes, one that would present
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himself to the public as the guy, you know humbly who had it all and on the inside was the other one who was dying and crying every day. >> vance had to face some of those feelings in rehab as he stopped using drugs. he began to realize that his low self-esteem and unhappiness might be signs of something else depression. >> that is one of the best decisions that i ever made in my life for which i am most grateful because it had the most -- among the most profound impacts on my life. >> what decision are you talking about? >> the decision to go get psychiatric help. >> depression and substance abuse are often linked. a psychologist might say vance was self-medicating his feelings though there's no clear research finding whether one can cause the other. for someone who is so good
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hiding concealing personal issues that was a tough interview, but you had something -- you had a reason for doing it. >> you have to for you or for me? >> especially -- seriously though. i mentioned the first and the second best was listening to people smarter than me who immediate toe to deal with the addiction first and said if i didn't do that first then nothing else would have any positive results at all and i'm grateful for that information as well. it was a tough, you know -- it's like getting naked in the hope that maybe some good will come from it. >> well we've got more tomorrow that we hope will reach more people. that's on news 4 at 6:00 including more information about therapy and how it helped change his life. >> and we're not done here. coming up, veronica will tell us about some storm chances coming up this weekend, and washington's football team
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veronica best weather in a long time. today was spectacular. >> today two thumbs up and tomorrow just one. >> okay. >> so it will be fairly nice and then we'll start slipping downward for the weekend. let's talk about your day planner forecast for tomorrow. at 6:00 a.m. your temps in the mid-50s. fairly comfortable. we'll hit the mid to upper 60s by 10:00 a.m. late tomorrow morning, notice the cloud cover and in fact clouds increasing throughout the day. it is going to be a warm one tomorrow and it will start to feel a little sticky too.
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anybody going out during the evening hours. 73 this time tomorrow. our temperatures will be dropping down into the 60s. there's a look at 6:00 a.m. saturday. your showers and storms at 2:00 and i think up until about 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. we could see some scattered showers or storms around. any storms will bring downpours to the area but notice the temp for saturday 86 and 88 on sunday. it will feel more like 80 and on monday we're due to hit 90 degrees for a high temperature. look at that. storms for each afternoon. on monday it's afternoon and into the evening until another cooldown hits next wednesday, so by mid-week this time temperatures will start going down. but tomorrow fairly nice until the heat and humidity. that summertime-type feel builds back into the area for the weekend. you know back to a little bit of a summer around here after three days of being in the 70s so we'll watch out, too, for that 90-degree high on monday. sweltering. guys?
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>> for atlanta it's game six, for us it's game seven, right? >> we get two of them we hope. >> two game sevens. it's positive thinking thursday so we start with the best thing the wizards have going for them and that of course, is john wall expected to play tomorrow night, and he has no swelling after his warrior-like return with a broken hand and then the next best thing, according to wall is that game six tomorrow night is at home. >> the fans have been amazing, great all season and even when i missed the games, the last two games at home they have been amazing. there's a lot of buzz that i'm back. i love playing for the city of d.c. i know how much it means to me to put my jersey across the chest and those guys respect me and understand what type of person i am on and off the court. yeah i think it will be extra buzz. >> the winner that have series bulls on the brink tonight, lebron james and company looking to close out their series. james not having the best
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shooting night and hits the j and finished with 15 points 11 boards and 9 assists. iman shumpert knocking down the three-pointer, cleveland opened up a ten-point lead. third quarter, matt dellavedova playing for an injured kyrie irving cavs run away with it and they take the series 4-2, 94-73 is the final. football news santana moss will no longer be wearing the burgundy and cold this according to esknown. after ten years with the skins moss will not be re-signed. this of course has been widely expected. the wide receiver turns 36 this summer. a lot of cheers at capital heights elementary school. former redskins place doug williams and ricky irvin on hand to help renovate the school library and gives such a coincidence. one of the students had chosen williams as a subject for a school project early in the year biography paper, water
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bottle sculpture. he saw it in the display case at school. the two had a chance to meet today before the cameras were there and hearing williams tell it that moment gave him goose bumps. >> he came down the hall holding his face and when he walked away it was like he was in tears, me in tears, big man like me had no business crying and it was real nice to see him, high emotion he was for doing a project on somebody like myself. >> isn't that cool? >> very cool. >> having a great effect and he's up there to help them and
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that's our broadcasts for now. we'll come back tomorrow to see if we can get it right. "the tonight show" is up next. they always get it right. >> we'll see you tom there are a lot of channels on your
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